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Everything we do is based on value creation and leverage.

Our Systematic Approach

How we connect Marketing to Sales and Create Leverage to grow Brands and Companies

Brand Integration


Access to Capital

Co-Marketing / Distribution

A robust product placement / brand integration program can enhances awareness on a global level and be a major boost for the sales team.
We can help you change the conversation from buying shelf space to showing a retailer or marketing partner how working with you can be beneficial for them and help build their brand.  This has resulted in purchase orders for several clients. 

Brands that qualify for and utilize the Amazon sales boost program, full-stack digital advertising, and AI-driven insight solution can use their brand integrations to connect directly with their audiences and ignite the fuse of a brand growth engine.
Revenue generated through a tailored distribution program drives money to the bottom line, reduces risk, and helps increase valuation and financial appeal.
CEOs can use the visibility and financial position to attract access to capital for acquisitions, internal growth, public offering, or exit.
Product Placement / Brand Integration Statistics
Growth to $8.78B in 2017
Projected spend in 2018 for US alone
year that value of brand integration has increased

"There is no advertising, marketing or consumer-driven media tactic that can match the durability, consistency, or growth trajectory of product placement."
                                     Patrick Quinn, CEO PQ Media

What We Offer
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  1. Studio Alliance
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